Focks Development Team
This is the home page of the Focks Development Team!

We are programmers dedicated to high quality, minimalist software and libraries.

- Minimalism: Reduce the number of user-facing api to a maximum.
- Testing: Every public function is tested.
- Safety: Usage of unsafe is reserved as a last-resort option only.
- Learnability: Everything is documented. Examples are available.
- Compatibility: Compatible and tested with a maximum number of platforms.

Licensing Choice
Since making very high quality software takes time, we think it is fair that
people should give something back.

We consider that giving back can be done in two main ways:
- Contributing code to the open source community
- Monetary donations

However, we observed over and over again that people and corporation alike tend
to avoid giving back to the community. As such, we decided on an hybrid model:
- Use the AGPL license, so users are strongly encouraged to contribute code
- Offer commercial licenses, as a replacement for monetary donations.

Each repository of the focks project contains a file called "AUTHORISED_USERS".
This file contains the list of people/corporations allowed to *use* the
library/software in their non-GPL compatible project.

The maintainer of each library has the choice to opt-in this hybrid model and
decide on the pricing when the project joins the group. By default, only the
AGPL-3.0 license is used. The maintainer of each library is free to authorise
any users without payment even under the hybrid model.

Here is the pricing of commercial licenses for each library that has them.
All prices are USD and can change over time. Licenses are permanent so the price
you buy them at is the final price.

Game Clock: 5$

Plank ECS: 10$


1) Send an email with the list of software/libraries you are buying licenses for
and the name under which the license will be used
(your name, username or company name; only one) to
jojolepro [at] jojolepro [dot] com

2) Make the sum of prices
3) Send the corresponding amount in bitcoin to this address:
4) An invoice will be sent to you within 48 hours. Your name will be added to
the authorised users list of each project.

If you want to use some other payment processor, contact us!

Q: I am doing a project under the Apache 2.0/MIT license. Can I use the projects
without a commercial license?
A: No, you need a license.

Q: I am doing a project under a GPL-compatible license. Can I use the projects
without a commercial license?
A: Yes!

Q: I bought a license to use the projects in my Apache 2.0/MIT library. Are
users required to also buy a license.
A: Only if your library exposes publicly the project's api. If your library uses
the project only internally, users are not required to buy a license.

Q: If I use a focks project with a commercial license in my project, what
license is it under?
A: The focks project will still be under AGPL 3.0. The commercial licenses only
give the right to use the project in non-GPL compatible projects and removes the
requirement to disclose the source code.

Q: How long are licenses valid?
A: Forever.

Q: Can commercial licenses be revoked?
A: Yes, but only if you breached an AGPL term that we didn't give you the
authorisation to breach. (for example: copyright terms)

Q: This seems all a bit... informal/unclear/open to interpretation.
A: Listen, we just want people to contribute back. We don't want to spend our
time and resources on legal issues. Just do the right thing.

Q: I want to join the team/I want to contribute or maintain a project.
A: Great! Send us an email at jojolepro [at] jojolepro [dot] com!